Feed Box






Product Description

Our Feed Box is a high performance solution for powering small and mid pedalboards. It’s equipped with four 9V filtered and stabilized outputs for a total capability of 600mA. Consequently, it can feed any pedalboard composed of standard analog and digital stompboxes. It is equipped with a variable voltage channel, from 7 to 12V, that is selectable by the front control knob.  In effect, it becomes the “fourth knob” of an overdrive or a distortion box and changes the working point of saturation or distortion circuits. So, the variable channel of the Feed Box gives new sound to distortion and overdrive pedals already present in your pedalboard. Current capability of this channel exceeds 100mA and consequently it can power any effect of this kind.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • requires an input of AC 13.5V nominal voltage at 1A current rate. Practically, it’s possible to use any power supply with AC or DC output between 13 and 18V with at least 800mA current capability. This aspect allows the use a poor performance power supply already present in the pedalboard with a professional result.
  • protected against short circuits and high temperature. A slight heating of the case is completely normal during the use.
  • the case is constructed with heavy aluminium and 2.1mm Swicthcraft connectors to over deliver reliability for live and heavy duty situations.

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