Black Box




Product Description

The Black Box guitar buffer device prevents signal loss and degradation through long cables and complex pedalboard systems. Long or economical guitar cords usually lose a lot of signal and often pedal effects use economical internal buffers and feature stomp-based true bypass systems. Run your guitar through a long cord and then through a series of pedals and kiss your highs, lows, and overall tone goodbye. With the Black Box buffer used right after the instrument you maintain a constant, even and full signal through all of this, which leads to much better tone arriving to your amplification system.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Solves impedance problems between various pedals
  • Powered by either an internal 9V battery or an external DC source and the unit will automatically switch to the higher voltage source
  • Fantastic after passive volume pedals equipped with high resistance pots
  • Input impedance is 1Mohm, while out impedance is about 500 ohm
  • Swing voltage capability is 2V peak to peak even with end-of-life batteries, so the Black Box can also handle line signals

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