Masotti Custom Worx






No one understands the unique nature of musicians better than Masotti, since we are all musicians ourselves. We know there is no “One Size Fits All” solution to guitar tone. Each guitarist has their own unique style and tone requirements that often demand certain modifications from what is typically commercially available.  And over the years we have accumulated tons of experience and know-how in the design and construction of custom performance rigs and pedalboards that deliver pure guitar tone to your audience. Since all Masotti gear is hand-built in house we can usually combine and modify almost all our equipment to better suit your needs.

There are three basic types of mods we usually perform:

  • Amp Modding: Even though our amps are already constructed to deliver the best tone possible, there are still other mods that can be done to change the tone to be unique, such as using exotic tubes. And then there’s the popular “Dual Master” mod which can be used to drive our amps even harder.

  • Custom Devices: If you have a complex rig and need one of our devices to handle more capacity, in/outs, other currents etc., we can work with you to resolve all your particular needs.

  • Custom pedalboards and Rigs: We are becoming well known for our ability to build custom rigs and pedalboards that make your live performances easier to manage. From constructing easy to use custom pedalboards all the way to full blown touring rigs that connect multiple amps to multiple multieffects devices which are then all controlled by a centralized floorboard, we can do it.


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