Masotti Guitar Devices

Even the world’s best amplifiers will not deliver their full potential if there are problems in the signal chain. And then there’s always the problem of how to control a pedal rack and various midi triggered effects. We have been busy analyzing the entire signal chain and producing various devices that correct many problems, as well as designing others that make using effects easier.From buffers to boost and keep the entire signal clean to midi mixers for the ultimate in effects flexibility, we can help you get the most out of your guitar amplification system.

Black Box

The Black Box guitar buffer device prevents signal loss and degradation through long cables and complex pedalboard systems.  Click here to see the Black Box »

White Box

The White Box is a Black Box with a booster to add an additional 0-25dB of gain to your signal. Click here to see the White Box »

OD Box

Designed to push your amp into your desired overdrive or distortion with a great amount of tweakability and tone sculpting possibilities.
Click here to see the OD Box »



The PW4 power supply is the best solution available for ground loop problems in complex pedalboards. Click here to see the PW4 power supply »


Feed Box is a high performance solution for powering small and mid sized pedalboards. Click here to see the Feedbox »

TB-6 Looper

The TB-6 is an innovative floor device that manages up to 6 separate effects devices and allows the guitarist to directly activate or exclude any effect.
Click here to see the TB-6 Looper »


A convenient rackmounted version of the TB-6 with an included 4 device power supply. Click here to see the Looprail »

MXM Mixer

The MXM Mixer allows you to connect two or more multieffects units in parallel for better signal quality. Click here to see the MXM Mixer »

Control Unit

The Control Unit is a complete system for controlling complex effects chains using pedals and multieffects.   Click here to see the Control Unit »



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