Masotti Amplifiers

The search for an ultimate signature tone that sounds great at any volume and gain stage, combined with all the flexibility and reliability needed for today’s live performances and studio recording, has led to our current amplification lineup. We could bore you with tons of technical specifications, but it’s better to just state the philosophy behind Masotti amps: Don’t compromise on anything. Period. What this “no compromise” approach leads to is a fluid, harmonically rich, detailed and dynamic tone that will definitely make you stand out and get noticed.

X100M 3 Channel Tube Amplifier

100 watts of pure, singing guitar tone. 3 channels, clean, crunch and lead, that will take you from sparkling clean to that sought-after true crunch, and then all the way to savage, brutal distortion.
Click here to see the X100M »

Afterburner 2 Channel Tube Amplifier

A versatile amp with incredible tone. It has the clean channel of the M1 and the lead channel of the X100M combined into a 2 channel amp. Our love of pure tone has lead to another all tube monster. Click here to see the Afterburner »

M1 Single Channel Tube Amplifier

50 or 100 watts of pure vintage guitar tone in a simple, single channel configuration. From a sparkling clean to a rich AC/DC-like crunch, this is an amp to be heard. Click here to see the M1 »

X3M 3 Channel Rackmount Preamp

Setting a new standard in rackmounted preamps, this one offers 3 channels of harmonically rich, deep tone that is identical to that of the X100M head. Click here to see the X3M Preamp »

Masotti X412M Cabinet

What better to deliver those awesome tones than a dedicated cabinet that is specifically tuned for our amplifiers? Available in straight and slanted configurations. Click here to see the X412M cabinet »

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