X100M All Tube Head

100 watts of pure, in-your-face guitar tone in a modern, midi controllable, 3 channel amp. We use only the finest hi-fidelity and military spec components in order to reach a tone that is fluid, dynamic, full and powerful and rely on specially designed over-dimensioned power supplies and transformers in order to deliver all that tone and power. What this “no compromise” approach leads to is a versatile amp that can go from sparkly clean to thermonuclear meltdown with the click of the footswitch. And in between there is a continuum of guitar tones that will make you sound great at any volume, and at every gain stage. Click here to hear the X100M soundclips »

The X100M is Available in 2 Versions

Modern: This version is designed to for more modern sounds and can be built with either EL34 or 6L6 power tubes. With EL34 tubes the amp results in a more edgy and aggressive tone perfect for today’s Modern Rock and Metal, and devastating the first 30 rows. With 6L6 tubes the amp results in a more focused tone that is perfect for pop, jazz, blues and classic rock.

Classic: This version is voiced to sound very “British” and uses 4 EL34 tubes to deliver a raw, fiery tone with lots of bite, but with the signature Masotti fullness and power. This version is perfect for those who want the sought after “vintage” amp sound in a modern, flexible amp.


small X100M Modern image

small X100M Classic image

small X100M backside image

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Features and Technical Specifications

  • 100% hand-built by Italy’s finest technicians
  • Can be customized to suit your particular tone needs
  • 3 distinct channels: Clean, Crunch and Lead
  • The Clean channel is completely separated from the Crunch and Lead Channels and features a brite switch which accentuates the higher frequencies leading to a “glassier” tone
  • Total Band Suppression passive EQ, in which each band can be adjusted, and even completely suppressed, while not affecting the others
  • The preamp section uses 7 12AX7 tubes
  • The power amp section features over spec’ed transformers and power supplies in order to offer much more headroom and reliability under extreme use. What this basically means is you can crank this mother all you want. She loves it.
  • Built with your choice of EL34 or 6L6 power tubes.
  • Controls for depth and presence to deliver the ultimate in tone sculpting


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